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Name: Ian & Melissa Naugle

Date of Visit: 2004-09-25 YYYY-MM-DD

Did this Bed & Breakfast fulfill your expectations?       YES

Quality of Bed & Breakfast:
Hospitality:   Excellent     Good     Fair     Poor     Unacceptable  
Maintenance:   Excellent     Good     Fair     Poor     Unacceptable  
Cleanliness:   Excellent     Good     Fair     Poor     Unacceptable  
Breakfast:   Excellent     Good     Fair     Poor     Unacceptable  
Room Comfort:   Excellent     Good     Fair     Poor     Unacceptable  
Overall Impression:   Excellent     Good     Fair     Poor     Unacceptable  

Comments and Suggestions:
Kim was kind enough to offer us her house (and property) for an entire weekend to host our wedding! Friday was the rehersal with a BBQ for 20, Friday night my girls and I, (all 10 of us!), had a nice evening at the B&B, relaxing before the big day. Saturday morning we woke up to a view of the lake and the most amazing sunrise any of us had ever seen! What a perfect way to start off a perfect day! Kim had a delicious breakfast prepared for us bright and early to get us energized for the busy day ahead! And although your wedding day is usually pretty hectic, Kim made us feel so comfortable and at home! I was completely relaxed and not rushed a bit the entire day! My girls and I all got ready at the B&B (it was sooo nice not having to run here and there to try and get everything done!) Finally the big moment had arrived and it was time to take that walk down the isle (Kim's front lawn!) It was so beautiful! The red carpet, the white chairs on the lawn and a beautiful view of the lake! And what an amazing location for pictures! When all was said and done, Ian and I stayed at the B&B for our first night as husband and wife...what more can you ask for on your wedding night, a comfortable bed, a roaring fireplace, a whirlpool bath and of course we can't forget the bidet! Thank you soooo much Kim for your amazing hospitality, all of your hard work, and support, and for helping make my little girl dream wedding a reality!

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